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Hunted out? I think not until I'm done!

By Roger Whirley (aka raw-war-digger)

Some finds from the railroad I had been hunting this cultivated field along the Railroad for several weeks since the crop had been harvested and Deer Season was open. This fellow (Craig) stopped by to chat one day.....he had all but giving up metal detecting. A couple weeks later he stopped by again. I ask if he knew of a Civil War Camp between two bridges that another friend had mentioned. Yes, I know and I have permission to hunt there but it's been hunted out long ago. I talked him to taking me there the next Sunday after Church.

This was Jan. 23, 2000 and as we arrived he told me where the most stuff had been found. This is a River Bottom between the Old River run and the New Canal with Beer can, Beer/Whiskey/Soda bottles with tops or the aluminum band, light bulbs, anything that can float littered everywhere. This was an over encampment as a couple Tennessee Buttons had been found and he had personally dug a New York button. We started swinging close to the road and I dug some modern junk. I moved into the woods a bit farther when I got a good signal.

About 4" deep I flipped out a Button and as I looked up Craig was asking what is was. I replied, "It's a button and I'm not sure what kind". I removed my toothbrush and lightly brushed it off. As he approached me I told him that it was a Louisiana Cuff. Turns out it's a LA8Ev in the Albert's Book. The button has some ground action on the face but still retains some gilt on the back. He couldn't understand how that one was missed as he stated "I bet I've walked over that one at least 100 times! I finished the day with four minies (two .55 Suhl & two .58's) and five .69 Round Balls. We left together as I didn't have permission to be there by myself. I ask him if he cared for me hunting it again provided I get permission from the land owner and he agreed.

I returned the next weekend and gained permission. I gave my few finds of the day to the land owner as he had ask for a few bullets for his grandson. The next weekend I returned once again without any luck. Craig came up about 45 minutes before I had to go. Upon leaving Craig started to the other side of the road. I ask if things had been found over there as well and he told me just scattered.

More finds The next Saturday (Feb. 12, 2000) I returned but started swinging on the other side of the road. After digging a small brass buckle, a cut/carved Minnie and a few Sharps I got a massive signal! About 2" deep I flipped out the Wreath portion of a two piece Sword Buckle!! While in the digging position (on both knees) I clasp it between my hands, looked up and Thanked the Lord several times!!!!! After I came back to Earth, I thought about the Tongue part and I started swinging again. Would you believe that just four steps away was another massive signal......and "YES"! The Tongue portion flipped out and was only 2" deep. Thanking The Lord once again, I rubbed this piece trying to see if anything was on the tongue. Turns out to be a Leech and Rigdon (Memphis Novelty Works) Two Piece Plain Tongue! I slightly nicked both pieces but it's safely stored in a lock box in my collection.

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