Your *most important* piece of advice in MD'ing


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1) Join TQ
2) Read the owners manual watch the dvd if it has one.
3) get out and do it don't be afraid let the gawker's gawk I'm sure they look just as weird doing some of the things they do to lol
4) learn your machine
5) ask questions(preferably here on TQ)
6) ASK FOR PERMISSION can't stress it enough ( you will be shut down in a heartbeat with possible legal problems if you don't .) do your research.
7) fill in your holes
8) if you get a to detect a yard or old farm offer to lend a hand meaning if a little old lady gave permission to detect her yard and she comes home with grocery's offer to carry them to the door or keep an eye out for strange activity and let the home owner know ( not saying you have to ) but it'll give you a good rep if you do and possibly open up some new ground for detecting.
9) leave the area better then it was when you arrived i.e. take your trash out and what ever ground trash you find on the way in and out,close the gate if there is one( not saying clean up a hole park unless you want to but do your part) remember we are always being watched.
10)Take time to talk to folks especially the older ones they are a treasure in them selves they can open your eyes to places that are now defunct but a hayday in there time.i.e. swimming holes, baseball fields, house sites that are gone now.
11) watch for old water wells ( some wells around here are capped some aren't. If it's summer and the grass is tall you won't know what happened until your in it.)
12) I could go on but you've probably lost intrest at this point lol but one more.
13) Have fun with it this is a great hobby no other hobby I know of can pay you back in more ways then one.


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I would say that the most important thing when you first start MDing is to read the user manual for your machine and practice so you can learn your machine.

You can have a really cool machine, but if you don't pay attention to what the manufacturer explains in the user's manual / DVD, you may be missing out on how to maximize your hunting potential.
Can't be said enough...:)


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Listen... what your detector is telling you! The machine speaks a language, and the sooner you learn that language, the sooner you will be successful. Pay attention to the tones it is putting out and swing that coil slowly to give the machine a chance to tell you what it wants to. Repeatable, sweet tones mean good target....rough, not repeatable, or ragged on the edges usually means junk.
Yup…everyone is always in a hurry. Learning to listen is hard work in it's self. :)


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1. Don't be afraid to explore new ways of MDing if you are handicapped!!!
2. Ask and gather as much info about an area you intend to try to MD at.
3. Always get Permission for Private Property.
4. Just when you think you have run out of Places to Detect at, something will present itself.
(All those Campgrounds that dot the countryside of this country, vast treasures await to be found.
There are different people at these places every weekend and some of them lose their Jewelry and Change in the Pine Needle covered grounds so easily. I know, I found Eight Rings in one day!!! )


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Don't dig yellow spots on white sand! Just joking. But seriously, swing and keep swinging. There's a lot of dirt and your covering it 3 sq ft at a time. It takes time and patience. My most important advice is answered by the other posts. Listen to the old hands. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt applies to a lot of these guys. Happy hunting.