Your *most important* piece of advice in MD'ing

So if you had only one piece of advice to give a novice hunter, what would it be? Try and not list the same thing twice, and let's see how many different things we come up with... remember, most important, not just one of your rules of thumb...


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I would say that the most important thing when you first start MDing is to read the user manual for your machine and practice so you can learn your machine.

You can have a really cool machine, but if you don't pay attention to what the manufacturer explains in the user's manual / DVD, you may be missing out on how to maximize your hunting potential.


Listen... what your detector is telling you! The machine speaks a language, and the sooner you learn that language, the sooner you will be successful. Pay attention to the tones it is putting out and swing that coil slowly to give the machine a chance to tell you what it wants to. Repeatable, sweet tones mean good target....rough, not repeatable, or ragged on the edges usually means junk.
Be patient and enjoy the entire experience - don't get so focused on having to find the oldest, most rare, or most exciting find. They will come with time - relax and have fun! :smile:

(At least this is what I have to remind myself over and over and over when I start getting like this little guy --> :banghead: )


dave in iowa

Patience, ask permission, never give up and hunt for the right reasons , not greed or self asteem, have fun and try and connect with the last person to hold the object you've just found .:bthumb: I think it gives you a feeling of satisfaction to find something lost so long ago and give it the respect it deserves.:smile:
location. one field may of had nothin but cows on it for 200 years the next field a civil war camp.:grin: research your spots. i like 1800 homesteads.
trashy but worth the effort.


Trust your ears for the tone more than the screen display.
Use earphones to listen for the deeper more quiet tones.
Gold ring.
Silver ring.
Iron nail.

Grab one each of the above items. Throw em' on the ground one by one, and practice sweeping them with your new detector. This was the single most important thing I did. . . up until I did it, by Ace250 was just a bunch of beeps and blurps.



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Don't start off thinking you have to buy a high priced detector or just cuz it's advertised as the Best or Deepest or whatever. I did this and it was just to much to comprehend as I had no knowledge of detecting at all. Find a Great Forum like this one and ask the experienced hands & Sponsors, Start with whats comfortable & easy to understand for you!
Once you Master the Hand Tools then You'll Excell at the Power Tools!



Every day is a fresh start. Some days are pulltabs and some are Morgan Dollars. :smile::smile: