Wondering if I am the only useing

I have never seen any posts in this section . I am wondering if I am the only user of the Lone Star? Is it not a good choice for detectors or no one like it ?


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Hey Leesumm I will be honest I don't know why no post in this section. I got started on a BH, and so did a bunch of folks. Heck lots mof people use them adn find very good stuff.

I think if you are finding the finds and having fun that is what counts. Enjoy that BH and keep using it, Beale.

Welcome leesum. i havent used the BH but i am sure many folx on here have. dixielady is a huge fan of BH machines and she has made some great finds with it.

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I use a bounty hunter lone star too! It is my first metal detector. I like it but I will probably upgrade to something better later on. For right now though, it works great.
Hi Nate
"I use one I have found 13 wheats and a merc so it works good for me. although I'm having trouble finding the focus point"

Since I posted that I have upgraded and given the BH to the wife who gets along with it real well for a hand me down. I got a Ace 250 and she does just about as well as I do . I am curious and a bit lost at your problem of the "focus point" ? Unless you are talking of how to pinpoint with it or where the sweet spot is. To take a long shot at you puzzel I will say like all other MD's without a built in pinpoint. Imagine an X or + accross the coil. When you get a signal . move the coil forward and back over the signal area noting the center of the inner coil . then move the coil side to side noting the area of the strongest signal as in the forward and backward movment. then imagine that stongest sound in at the X or + in the middle of the coil and that should be your dig spot .
If this wasnt the answer you were looking for . sorry

Hi BH users my wife gave me a lone star for xmas 4 years ago . I have over 100 bucks in coins, 1 silver ring and many other pieces of jewery. My big find was a ipod that I managed to find the owner and returned it (that was one happy 13 year old). I will probably up grade someday but for now I am happy with the lone star just keep running down batteries and learning.
I also use a lone star

I use a Lone Star its my first detector and i really like it i have found a lot of stuff with it i dont know how it rates against other's but it works well for me...:bthumb:
It's the detector I got started on. It paid for itself in the first season. It's now my backup/loaner detector. It will find some good stuff. Mine did.
Lone Star

I also use a BH Lone Star, it was my first detector and I still use it often. I put a Gold Nugget coil on it so now its my go to detector for trashy type areas and does a great job in that role.
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Just sign up and new to metal detecting. I just bought a used BH lone star from a pawn shop today and going to give it a trial run tomorrow and play with the settings, downloaded the manual from there website. hope it works


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I used a bounty hunter Quick draw II when I first started they are awesome. made a lot of fantastic finds. past it on to my son and he is using it now. still working great.