Well ! I got a Stnger a coming


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Stinger=5 stars*****

OK= like they say=TIME WILL TELL= it has TOLD= The Garrett has exceeded all my expectations, Like C. Garrett sez, takes 100 hours to really learn it ( actually should do this with any detector), I did this, and my 2 Garretts are great, have had almost every brand and many models since 1975, and am still impressed by the Garretts, yup I like em, use them for everything but under water, and they seem to do all things very well, yup= I'M SATISFIED with them= maybe other folk wouldn't be but this is a Geezer that has NO-NO complaints:grin:



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i also have all good things to say about garrett, and the customer service is great too. i find the garretts easy ta master and very tough machines.