Old Jug?


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Hi folks,

They were tearing down an old house a while back. I metal
detected the area and there was this old jug that appeared
to have come out of an old root cellar.

I don't know anything about it.

Could it be old?

Thanks for any responses,



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Neat stuff. The one a top doesn't look tooooooooooooo bad though. never found an old knife that i was able to clean up.

Stay with it.

Hay LK,

The one on top has a broken blade.

I tried to fix this one,

But it ended up having a broken spring,

Here are two that did turn out good,

but they weren't in the ground as long,

Happy Huntin,


against the wind

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I didn't find any knives in 2010,,,, but I did find 2 in 2013. I think I'll wait a few years to post pictures of those knives. That way,, Doc dog can revisit this post again,,, lol:cool: