New to bottle digging and need some help.

I'm new to this bottle thing, but I find it interesting. Anything to do with the past excites me. I already have a few great spots to start searching. I'll probably be carrying just about anything old back until I learn more, but are there some things that should always stand out to me? I mean is there a color of glass that usually means you're on to something good, or are there particular types of jars/bottles that immediately tell you you're in the right place? I'm sure there are clues, but I don't know what they are. As usual I'll be doing my share of research. Thanks in advance for any help. It truly is appreciated.

Dom in Jersey


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Hey Dom a few things to look for.

1. Cork stopper top. Older than screw on. Blob top even older.

2. The seam on the bottle. On "most" bottles their is a seam that you can find. The further up the neck it runs. Generally newer. If it stops at the shoulder nice find. It it has on seam and looks to have been turned! Great find.

3. Certain bottles to look for: Poision bottles-lots of collectors for these.
Coke, Pepsi etc. Old ones have the writing eteched into them. If you happen to find a Brown Coke bottle big $$.

4. Cure all type bottles again lots of collectors.

5. Local brewery type beer bottles can fetch good money in that area.
Old beer bottles are sweet also.

Colors to looko for. Blues, browns, dark and light greens.

One suggestion go to the local book store and ask them about a good bottle collectors guide, Beale.
Most of the interesting bottles have been discovered in the old parts of St. Louis which used to have outside toilets out back of the homes. It seems that lots of old bottles were dropped thru the holes in them and were later covered up. Often people who are digging to start projects in their yard come across a treasure of old things that were at one time disposed of in the outhouse.wholesale glass bottles