Mod'd Sterling

Just like most Sov's and Musketeers, the Sterling is also unbalanced so it feels a bit heavy.

So I decided to do something about it.

Rear mounted the control box on an old Tesoro upper rod. Coil is attached to a Tesoro plastic lower rod.

Still have to mod the plastic armrest so the controls can be accessed.

Still to come:
* Adding ground balance and threshold external controls. There's room on the faceplate and inside to fit them into place.

* Possible Disc-All metal-Pinpoint trigger toggle Tejon style.



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Looks most cool! See there is things that can be Modded on most detectors to better them!:cool:

Yep! They gave you enough coaxial to hang yer self. If you loose some of that it will be better on the Sensitivity too! VLF right? :cool:
Nice mod Sven,

I like the blue and gold contrast. No doubt the control box under the armcuff is a nice balancing act as they are a bit heavy and also have my Advantage under the cuff. Looks like the Slimline 800 coil on the end of the stick, if so that is an excellent choice in my opinion. An easy access pinpoint toggle would be a nice added feature on the Sterling, Advantage and Sovereigns. Thanks for your input. HH Bill