Found a Ghost Town In ILL while searching

:wave: Decided to share this for all those medal detecting people out there that visit us insulator people in here. While I was tracking an old rail line I ran across what was listed on the map as a town. But what was there LOL well you be the judge. This photo shows what looks to be a few store fronts right behind this town is a inbankment. the tracks ran on top of it.

a little closer shot of the buildings.

As you pass the last one there looks to be a road. Do Not Drive on it.

That road crosses this old bridge that looks like it has been needing a little maintance for a long long time

I decided to get a little closer to the bridge to show what I'm talking about.

here is the deck of that bridge

Now this so called creek runs right behind the buildings. As you follow the road it leads you into a tunnel that went under the tracks

Have no information on the town. I walked around and took a few photos then took off. I beleive it was called Rodden it was located in the north west area in ILL. There is a gravel road that runs along the front and T's off and runs along the side showing the bridge. And yea it was a year ago that I was there, Just ran across the photos cleaning up and decided to share them Enjoy.


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That is cool..if I was closer you can bet I would hunt it..Thanks for the cool shots and info..Chuck........:smile:
LOL wow you guys are fast. I was still trying to correct all my spelling errors. LOL And just wanted to add

HAPPY 4th JULY ALL..:wave::bthumb::zbday: USA :rocketwho


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omg, I would be back there hunting and digging my way to china... there has to be some awesome finds there, coins, relics.. oh man that is one detecting dream there... keep us posted will ya... I LOVED the pictures :bthumb:


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Great pictures!! I would love to go there!
A bit more of a drive than I could talk the wife into I'm afraid.:lol:

Thanks for the pictures they really got the old imagination going today.

If anyone does make the trip please share the hunt with us. Be cool to see what you find there. Or at least till us where you post it at so i can see. thanks Joe
Though I have thought about buying a detector. I've allways ran into that what one is best for me. I have that problem of wanting it all in one. and just afraid It'll be to hard to get it to work. So keep puting it off. I suppose when I'm unable to get the insulators Or have to many I'll start detecting. :smile: But I'm sure it isn't far off. :icon_roll


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This place is only about three miles down the road from me on Irish hollow, actually. Was very surprised to stumble upon this post. It's only a portion of what was once the little railstop called Rodden. Last year I decided to have a look in that tunnel and what I found was a bit, well... Different I guess you could say. Some Chicago folks bought the property and made some alterations inside the tunnel to accommodate private outdoor activities... If you catch my meaning. Yeah... Different.:X3:


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I had to look that up. i have been down blackjack and hwy20 but missed that road. first thought of the old strawbridge road tunnel when i saw the picture. Irish hollow i think of potosi, lots of lead miner /black hawk history around those parts. tried around mineral point but never got a decent permission.