Does anyone use the Fortune Hunter model?

I currently use the BH Fortune Hunter model and was wondering if there was anyone else on the forum using the same model (or did)?

It is a very simple detector to use, no setup or ground balance required, nor does it look to bad, but I find it really hard to use in regards to discriminating junk from the good stuff (especially in trashy areas).

Every hunt at a local park (especially the beach) has me coming home with a 55-gal trash bag full of cans, tabs, and misc scrap....however I did really well today:lol:

I understand it isn't a high end machine, so I am in hopes of getting a few pointers or some feedback to help me out till the next purchase.



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I am not familiar with that midel? I will say this though.

Get to know your unit well. Practice with it. Take the time to learn it and you will be just fine, Beale.
My neighbor has one, he is new to MD and is trying to figure his out as he goes. I help him in any way I can but I don't know the machine either. If he sticks with it he will figure it out, it seems to work pretty well to me.
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As long as you’re digging all the trash you shouldn’t be missing any of the goodies. And you're doing Mother Nature a favor by taking out the trash. :bthumb: