Discovery 2 by Bounty Hunter for Radio Shack

Im looking for the english version of the user manual for the Discovery 2 made by Bounty Hunter for Radio shack. I brought the Dicovery 2 out of Medical Retirment. The plastic part at the end of the rod had been broken for a long time,years. So I orderd a Discovery 1000 off of EBAY and used the rod to repair my Discovery 2. If you have ever used the 2, you know it does not pin point worth a hoot. It gave me many hours of grief looking for small pieces of iron and lead. I used the 1000 to repair the 2 and as the coil was a Bounty hunter coil, and a smaller coil, I just swapped coils to see if it would work. WOW, and double WOW,the coil worked and still goes as deep as the larger coil, and can pin-point as well as my XLT does. Also Ive added a pin-pointer to my goody bag so it also helps in the pin-pointing process. So back to the orignal question, does any one have the manual for the Discovery 2 as I have long since lost mine.The only version I can find on line is in Spanish.Also I will be fixing the discovery 1000, and it can be my back up to my back up detector.
Thanks in advance,,,,,,