Buying Bottles From Excavators in Toronto


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Here's a detailed account of how I got access to a truck load of bottles (literally) on a nearby, historically important excavation site.

Acquiring Antique Bottles From Excavators in Downtown Toronto Construction Sites - May 2011

comments on the article ?

the bottles were all junk btw. they were not even from that site but from all over since that guy has owned a backhoe - and he keeps the best

are there any nearby excavations that you are watching ?


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A group of guys I did some work with pulled up two cases of Brown Bess flintlocks in Toronto, near Fort York. They were trenching in an area that would have been swampland during the war of 1812 when York (Toronto) was overrun by the American forces. It is assumed that the militia stashed the rifles in the swamp to avoid having them captured but the swamp swallowed them up.
The rifles disappeared off of that jobsite in a big hurry, all that remained for the archeologists was the empty wooden crates. Life is like a box of chocolates, you just never know what you're going to find.:pcool:


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Another Site in Downtown Toronto has Bottles For Sale

One hundred and fifty years ago the wooden posts and planks of Rees' Wharf were buried by dump trucks and bulldozers making more dry land at the bottom of Toronto and improving its port facilities opposite new railroad and steam powered transportation infrastructure. The antique glass bottles that have been discovered here were the one pitched into the lake from the old pier, erected in 1837

Now this land wit=ll soon be the parking garage and The Path shopping concourse directly under one of the biggest new skyscraper developments being built downtown this summer as per Dumpdiggers post, Aug 13 2011,Antique Glass Bottles Found Under Southcore Financial Centre & Delta Hotel Toronto, The Story of Rees' Wharf.
The focus is on the antique glass bottles that were liberated from the ground by excavators,

The stoneware bottle has already been sold to a Toronto bed and breakfast for an unspecified amount, but note that its not rare or in perfect condition.

This Brayn Bros beer bottle is however rather rare. It was an unexpected discovery that came when an expert inspected the purchases later

this piece is key to the history of Hornby Ontario and there's a story here - its a puzzle how a Hornby beer bottle ended up down here at the base of Toronto, or perhaps testament to the quality and distribution of Brayn Bros Brewery.