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I am aware that there are very few on this forum that have any interest in fossils but there are some that may wish to know.
I have been very busy over this past year involved in the identification of a species of decapod (Crab).
I had sent one to a gentleman in Spain for cleaning and subsequent donation to The University Of Texas At Austin for study.
As it turns out the species is had not been identified.
After several months the identification process finished up and a publication was made public.
The species has been named after myself. I personally have found 6 of these in particular.
It has been a pleasure working with these people two in particular Alex Osso "Spain" and John Jackson "Texas".

Introducing: Cenomanocarcinus boedekeri


Paratype: Size = dime sized

In an earlier post reference "Handfull of one crab" I posted of it being Cenomanocarcinus but recently I was informed that this is not the case. I have only found one of the "Hand full".
It too has not been identified but will within the next year, and just as this one posted here will bear my name.
Thanks for your attention and any comments will be an honor.
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