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Advertise on Treasure Quest

Treasure Quest is the ideal place to advertise your business or products. With a rapidly growing highly-targeted member base we deliver results time and time again. We can offer the following opportunities...

Homepage & Sidebar Advertising

We'll add your site logo to the right hand side of our homepage and on a number of other selected pages on our website. This method of advertising is a great and affordable way of increasing the visibility of your brand.

Banner Rotation

Our highly effective banner advertising appears on all of our pages (see top right). We offer customisable packages which all come with free access to our clients area which allows you to view live campaign statistics.

Newsletter Advertising

Occassionally we send out an email to all our members. We have space within this to accomodate your advertisment.

Site Sponsorship

If you want to dramatically increase your marketing presence then why not sponsor the Treasure Quest site? We'll give your brand high visibility through all marketing mediums.


To find out more about the above please get in touch. We'd be happy to discuss your marketing requirements and provide you with a quote.

Advertising Terms and Conditions

1. Advertisers will be invoiced upon receipt of online Insertion Order. 2. Payment is due fifteen days after receipt of invoice. Failure to make payment will result in the removal of campaign. 3. Treasure Quest (the publisher) reserves the right to reject any advertising materials it deems offensive or inappropriate. 4. Treasure Quest is not bound by any conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on order forms or copy instructions when such conditions conflict with Treasure Quest's policies, unless such conditions are authorized in writing by Treasure Quest. 5. Advertisements containing names or pictures of living persons are published on the representation that written consent to publish on Treasure Quest has been obtained from the persons concerned, by the advertiser or agency submitting them. 6. Treasure Quest is not responsible for errors in ads. 7. Cancellations and changes are not accepted after closing dates. 8. Prices are subject to change upon notice. For more information please contact Treasure Quest.

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