Where to start in customizing my XLT....


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First off, let me say that I've had my XLT for 2 years now and LOVE IT! I have had some great finds including a Spanish Reale and a wide band men's solid gold wedding band that dates back between 1898-1905. With that said I have but one question. How do I start to customize my unit for my particular area?

I have always used the factory presets with the exception of one called "Ringmaster" that I got out of a book called "XLT Field Methods and Custom Programs" by Clive James Clynick and Robbie Kruesi. The other is one called "Deep Silver" that I got off of Ebay and really like both of them. My biggie, as I stated above, is that I HAVE NO IDEA what to change to in an effort to make my XLT more effective in my area of East Tennessee. Is it the gain, balance or what?

Again, please state your answers in layman's terms as much as possible since factory presets and the ones stated above are the only ones I've ever used. Thanks ahead of time for any feedback.


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I have a few programs that I can send you if you would like...also there is an awesome book by Kevin Mulrooney about using the XLT..you might be able to get a copy of that if you look...will PM you later on after I get off work with some programs.........Chuck.......:)