Anyone using a VX3? Picked up one recently and have been learning it. Will post later on after some more use. Thanks and happy hunting.


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Congrats on the new MD!! I have heard very good things about that unit! White's makes a great product, Beale.


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I would like to give it a try sometime but my dfx is doing great. I had a problem with it and just scraped the connections a bit and good as new now.


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looking to get my first White's machine and wouldn't mind having the step-down from the V3i. I have a 2 month old Teknetics T2 + a HUGE SEF 12"x15" for it that I have to sell or trade first. my back up to my E-trac, and looking forward to a V3....
just picked up a vx3 today from my dealer...i swapped out the 950 coil for the d2 10dd, added newer rechargable batter system, and got the whites padded bag,bullseye II pinpointer and headphones all for $1150.00 out the door! and ive been playing around with it in the house...WOW this is a fun detector. i turned it to deep silver mode and was getting good signals on a quarter at 13 inches.. that perfect repeatable and solid. pretty good.


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I am not happy with the 950 coil that comes with the VX3, thinking about getting the DD and trying that, anyone have any feedback to that?
my favorite is the d2 10"dd for open field hunting or even better the 12x10 sef..thats a great coil! then i use the 6x10 dd coil for most all of my park hunting. the 950 coil would be great for the beach.
I have the deteck ultimate 13, it's deeeeeep and will run in all three frequencies. Bought mine from Kellyco from Blake. He recommended it instead of the 10x12, he said it felt more balanced. He was right I can hunt with it all day.