V3i rain cover


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Jjust got my new rain cover for my V3i, pretty much not for rain, but to protect the screen from scratches. I had a hard tome finding a good one one, even KellyCo didn't carry one. Went back to my old standby... guy from NY makes them and they are awesome quality for under $15.00!

Now it matches my Etrac and AT Pro.

Anyone else cover their detectors?


I have the standard one from Whites for the screen and the control box. I don't like the cover for the control box because I feel it is made backwards. In order to open the box to take out the battery, you have to take the whole cover off the control box. I think it should have been made the other way, where the flap is over the battery door. So that you would only have to lift the flap cover off of the door in order to get access to the battery. I talked to Whites and they never got back in touch with me re this problem!! I wonder if your guy could make a rain box cover that works and allows you to remove the battery without removing the whole cover from the control box??


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I will have to talk to him about it. I sent him the specs for my AT Pro and he made mine. He was glad to do it because he had a new detector schematic that he could sell and he likes modding stuff too. I have another 2 guys that make them also. Two retired, but still young, X US Special Forces vets. They started their own company. I will not post the name here, because it is not fair to our sponsors of the site, which are some really good ones too! But they do custom work. Great work too! I will have to ask. I don't have a control box cover, so I am interested.
Ok cool and I understand. You can email me in private. Yes I love whites stuff. But this box cover is a pain to remove. I would rather have a cover that opens from the back instead of having to take it all the way off each time I change the battery. thanks