V3i backlit screen


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I had about 1/2 hour before dark and decided to take my V3i out to a local little league park to detect around the areas where people sit and watch the games. It's usually a clad-fest, which is fun when you only have a limited time.
This was the first time I really had the V3i out not in the middle off the day or in sunlight in about the 6 months I have owned it.
I will admit that it is absolutely amazing! I attached a few pics. One is of it when it was just starting to get dark, and the backlit helped out, and another picture of it at night. I was impressed! The HD screen was sooo nice but even the buttons are made of not backlit, but of a kind of glow-in-the-dark, which also helped!
Anyone as impressed as me about this? I know there are backlit screens out there, and I have them on my other detectors, but, this was impressive!