Using Non "V Rated" Coils with the V3

The rain washed all the snow away on Saturday, and with temps in the 50's yesterday, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try the "non V" 9.5 Eclipse Coil from my DFX on the V3. I returned to what has become my favorite site (the one I found the KG III a few weeks back).

I found a good spot to balance the V3 and then got a ground probe reading. The recommended RX was only 2 even with no signal loss or noise. I know I got a recommended RX of 8 or 10 at this exact spot with the D2, so needless to say I wasn't happy. I tried raising it up to 5 or so, but it became very unstable. I made a decision not to waste any time, and went back to my car for a quick change to my 5.3 inch Eclipse coil. I always keep an extra coil on hand with the lower rod attached. This allows for quick changes in the field without having to unscrew the bolts. ( Only $9.95 from White's) I got a recommended RX of 13 with the 5.3 and had it up to about 14 with no problem.

I got pretty good depth with this coil. My only finds of the day were a plain saddle shield, a dateless Buffalo at about 5 inches, and a 1918 Wheatie and a Pyrex fuse. It seems like only yesterday when these coins would have thrilled me. I also found the odd coin object. It rang like a nickel, but it is thinner and larger. The Wheatie was 6 inches and rang out nicely from under a thick tree root. It took a bit of time, but eventually I was able to wrestle it out with the help of my Lesche.

I learned this morning that the 22.5Khz is the difference with the V Nulled coil. I was told that the older 9.5 should work in 2.5KHz or 7.5 KHz, but not 22.5KHz or 3 Frequency modes. I will verify this later today.

I will be ordering a 9.5 V nulled Concentric coil, but for now the 5.3 is my coil of choice pending today's observations.


Non V rated coils can be used with the V. However, it is a crap shoot. The null varies on the non rated coils. Because of the null tolerance sone actually can be run at RX 15 and then some can't. That;s also why some guys have good luck with the SEF coils and some don't. That's because NO SEF coils are V rated. Some guys get a good on and some not so well nulled. Yes the 22.5 is the problem.