Use a coin probe.


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A lot of times you go hunting and the coins are on, or very near the surface. Why dig a hole when all you have to do is use your pinpointer to locate the coin and finish by popping it out with a coin probe. Number one, it is easier to retrieve the coin when it is on top of the ground and number two it doesn't damage the turf. It is an easy thing to do too. Locate the target with the detector, and if your machine tells you it is shallow, use your pinpointer to see if it is actually right there. Take out your probe and GENTLY push the probe down straight into the ground till you find the target, it will feel like you are touching a stone or piece of iron. Find the edge of the coin and push the probe beyond the coin and then under it at an angle.. At that point you can just pop it out without having to dig and the grass is not hurt at all. It actually will save you a ton of time too, as you don't have to replace a flap and repair the turf. I use a small screwdriver to do this so I have to be VERY careful not to scratch the coin. A coin that shallow is usually clad 99.99% of the time so I feel confident I'm not damaging an old coin.(y) Your other option is to get a piece of brass 1/4" rod insert it into a file handle and semi point the end to use as a probe. It is very unlikely to damage a coin using a brass probe.;) Hope this might help some of you retrieve your targets.


Image (4).jpg Excellent advice Hoser. There's no need to dig a huge hole when retrieving a coin. I shudder when I see the size of the holes some of these guys on You Tube videos are digging. Sometimes I pop the coin out with the probe and other times when I need a little more leverage I use the screwdriver. Even if the coin is down 5-6 inches you can locate it with the probe before digging and then you only have to dig a small hole.


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Relics are usually a bit deeper than coins, but we dig either a square or a round plug up, locate the item, and place the plug back in the hole like a puzzle piece and stomp the plug back down and you can't tell anyone has been there. We do this even in the middle of the woods. No hole left uncovered. Unfortunately we found evidence of someone having been in the same area recently who did not practice this method. I hope they found Zilch! It's really a sick feeling. Responsible hunters respect property and the land wherever they hunt whether it be the woods, a public park, the beach etc. When a lack of respect for the land is seen or found by the public, it gives or sheds a bad light on those of us who hunt responsibly. There are always going to be those few who simply will not comply. BOZO's is a choice word. A nice version for real Knuckleheads. There are a few other words that come to mind, but this is a friendly forum and we have moderators, and as our Mothers used to say: "We don't talk that way".:)(y);):D