This years finds in review


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3 Am Eagle silver pcs (going rate was 50ea) got all 3 for 50.00. A german K-98 bayonet complete 1943 all markings intact for 20.00 and a very nice Michigan ceramic license plate from 1913 for 8 bucks (see them for 175 and up), 2 Bear red Bear bows for 5.00 and 2.00, Lots of silver coins. A collection of V nickels and Indian head pennies, Collectible soda bottles. One day I really got lucky and got a war collection. An original 1898 Sp/Am war flag (45 stars) a officers hat, a funeral flag, and a few other pcs for all of 25.00. One never knows what youll stumble into. WW2 .45 holster for $2 like new condition. A ww2 infantrymans wool shirt with all the patched T-5 5th ID had been in japan at end of WW2

One of the best had to be a lady whose father was in the infantry in WW2. He had been thru N Africa, Scicily, Italy,France and into Germany. Along the way he had collected coins which she sold me. Peace dollars, morgans, and then the foreign coins an 1849 Pope coin from rome, many from Tunisia, French, an 1797 Cartwheel, and the oldest of the lot a 1550s Italian silver coin w/ I believe King Edward on it. That was a great day. Lots of history there. Love flea markets and rummage sales.