Teknetics T2 Review

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I bought the Teknetics T2 after many hours on the net looking at various makes models and prices. Properly confused and very weary a friend suggested I buy the T2 and I came across several websites blowing its horn. Then I looked at 2nd hand T2 machines thinking if they are good there won’t be any for sale, and I was right I could not find a single one. So I dipped in my reserves and bought one. After several outings I am convinced I bought the best machine money can buy. With the right settings the T2 should be illegal! And here they are Sensitivity 70 Discrimination 5 and tone 2+ With this setting you will find more goodies than most other detectors and you can use it everywhere stubble pastures and ploughed leveled ground (Not for beach use) You will be able to hold your own everywhere just listen for the sounds. A high pitch sound is a good target a low grunt is iron. If you hear a high pitched sound and a grunt almost at the same time remember the T2 reset time is a part of a second, Dig it. When in doubt DIG but the T2 wont lie to you I dug many of the dodgy signals and found winners and yes some large pieces of iron because the electric conductivity is higher. But when the signal bounce, meaning move between high and low signals never giving the same reading on the meter then it is iron or rubbish dig a few convince yourself. Trust the T2s signals and listen carefully practice, bury a few different metals like silver copper and a gold ring and swing over it several times a day! Leave them buried so the ground can settle pour water over it; it helps to settle the ground. Then before you go out swing the T2 over your targets and listen and remember the sounds! Then you are ready to go and find the goodies! Do this; I know boring routine, as many times as you can till you know the sounds in your ears. When you do this keep your eyes closed and just listen ignore the meter because the meter can be wrong! Its like golf! Golf is Muscle memory so is detecting Sound memory once you know the sounds and what they represent then you will be good at finding the goodies! I had many great finds in 5 months following this routine. Buy one you will not be sorry! Oh yeah I do not work for Teknetics I do not know anyone that do and I am the most horrible customer anyone can have I just love to complain! Its deep its very fast and it will make you look good! The T2 is the best machine out there for all terrains and will give you hours of fun. I found many silver coins, several gold-plated coins, several Saxon artifacts you may say I had some stunning finds including an Edward VI Harp mint-mark Irish shilling one of the rarest coins around! LOVE this machine.....Push the trigger forward press the round button till you reach F7 frequency setting this increase the sensitivity of the T2. I feel I have to add that I have now had the T2 for 12 months and had a good time out there in the field to get to know the machine. Please do take the time to get used to it before you judge it.
Please remember the quality of the silver in a Hammered coin will cause the meter reading to vary, small hammereds 8mm-14mm pure silver will read different on the meter than a large hammered 18mm-22mm with less silver content! Same goes for gold coins I tested. So trust your ears on 2+ tone dig the high sounds even if the meter reads 44-53 you will dig a lot of rubbish but the gold plated coins and the half cut hammereds (Hammered silver coin) I found was on this meter reading. So in my opinion I do not pay to much attention to the meter reading.
Below are the settings I use, but I prefer Sens: 85 Disc, 4 and tone 2+ Freq: F7: Dig the high tones and leave the grunts!

Suggested settings for the T2
Beach: Tone 3b Sens 90 Disc 40
Relic hunting: Tone +3 Sens 90 disc 10
Iron contaminated ground Tone Dp Sens 75 Disc 18
Iron contaminated ground(2) Sens 70 Disc 15 Tone 2+
Stubble Tone: 1 Sens 75 Disc 25-35 (Cut out iron)
Ancient Sites: Sens 85 Disc 4 Tone 2+
Hard Ground: Sens 75 Disc 18 Tone Dp
Coin Shooting: Sens 95 Disc 35 Tone 1 (Dig everything, no hangover)
Riverbank: Sens 90 Disc 35 Tone 1
Pasture: Sens 80 Disc 50 or(4) Tone 2+
Dig everything! Sens 90 Disc 5 Tone 1
Good hunting!
When in Doubt Dig.

My preferred settings Sens 85, Disc 4, and Tone 2+
Have fun!


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I couldn't agree with you more. I have been using the T2 for 6 months and It is amazing. I have gone over sites that were hunted out with my old machine and it was like hunting a new site.

My favorite settings for all-around use is:
Disc-37, Sens-95, Tones-3
If 95 is to chatty I turn it down. I dig any repeatable signals even if the VID number is jumpy.
Oh, and get something sturdy to dig with.;)