T2 + SEf 12"x15" coil (new in box!)


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Selling a Teknetics T2 detector that was bought in October, 2011. About 20 hours on it. Works perfectly and just the little scratches you'd expect for 20 hours on it, nothing more. Foam, grips, battery box, screen, in perfect shape! It's the T2 without the boost, but as you might know, the T2 is a DEEP machine and almost cookie cutter to the Fisher F75.

I am also including an SEF 12"x15" coil that is brand new and never seen the outdoors! I put it on the T2 for the pic, took off the stock coil (which is included), and air tested it on a few items, just to make sure it worked. Works PERFECTLY! With the T2 and the 12x15 SEF coil, you can pretty much get ready to dig to China!

I picked up the detector from a friend who, after a few months, decided that metal detecting was not for him. He bought it from KellyCo and gave me the Audio 200 headphones that I will include. I have the owner's manual, but not the box. He threw it away. I'll box and bubble wrap it up to survive a gorilla attack! The SEF coil is still new-in-box though.

The picture shows the T2 next to my Minelab E-Trac and Fisher F2. As you can see, the SEF coil is HUGE and in a field or park, it would be amazing with the depth and coverage! I'd advise a coil cover for both coils (the stockT2 coil is in almost perfect shape. previous owner must have just used it in grass) I can send a pic of it, if needed.

(I'll quote REAL prices, not retail prices... you know what things are going for)

New Teknetics T2 detector = $850
New SEF 12x15" coil $189
Audiophone headphones = $50

HOW MUCH? $$$: I'd like to get $750 for everything+ the shipping (real charge).

If you don't want the SEF 12x15" coil, I'll part with the T2 + stock coil + headphones + extras for $650 which is $200 cheaper than a new T2 and you get a great set of headphones for free.

(I'd get a good Pro-Pointer and a Letch Digger with the money saved.. ask anyone on here about those 2 accessories and how much easier they make life...)

Trade? I have yet to have a White's machine (really!), and would be willing to trade/partial trade/money added for a DFX300, MXT Pro, V3, V3i ....


let me know!




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Thanks! I think it's a fair price and if anyone is looking for a really good upgrade, I think the T2 is. if anyone has a T2 and if looking for a new coil the 12"x15" would be a big difference.