remote sensing

Before I go to the land, I scan the land from my computer. I can see some rooms and structures related to the land.

This may not sound convincing, but it's a fact. I am attaching some scan results below. Thanks.


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Thor's well is a hole on the Oregon Pacific Coast in the US Northwest that was formed after a sea cave cracked.
2500 ft altitude shot.jpg

Shaded map.jpg
The pictures here show the following. There is a square carved altar in the grounds. I scanned that area and showed me the structure of the room. First image... other images 2 and 3d views from my house from Thor's Well in Amarica


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I have no clue what this post is about, sorry.
That makes two of us.................
Its basically the same as using google earth to see what used to be there. This is a little more high tech and a bit subjective to ones interpretation of what is being seen. The images above are computer generated models of supposedly Thor's Well
Temelde eskiden orada ne olduğunu görmek için google earth'i kullanmakla aynı şey. Bu biraz daha yüksek teknoloji ve görülenlerin yorumlanması için biraz öznel. Yukarıdaki resimler, sözde Thor's Well'in bilgisayar tarafından oluşturulmuş modelleridir
I enter the coordinate of the area to be scanned into the system. I collect and process the data of the ratio. And it gives me points and images of anamoly and I explore chamber tombs and tunnels.. not connected to google earth