Queen city silver company?


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Hey all,
My wife went to the thrift store and found a sugar bowl made by Queen city silver company Cin.Ohio is it worth anything melt value wise? she only paid 3.50 for it.
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I don't know about that. I recently bought a piece that has F.B. Rogers silver co. on it and I'm wondering if there may be any value to it also. GL Andy, pc


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If its silver there will be a hallmark of some sort somewhere. Search all over the peice with a magnifying glass since silver is very soft and the hallmark may have faded in. Good find by the way.


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Anytime you see SILVERPLATE thats exactly what you have. The metal underneath can be copper/nickel/S.S. All STERLING silver is so marked or will say .925 which is the amount of silver (similar to .900 silver for US coinage). Sterling is what youre looking for.

You will see many "silver" items are but plated silver and worth very little. On the good side you can sell it at a scrap yard and most will give Brass price for it. Wm rodgers/Wm Rodgers & son/ Rodgers silverware is always (in what Ive found) found to be silverplate.

You can use the silver acid test (available for 6-7 bucks) but to make sure the items silver you must scratch it so its testing the interior metal not just the plating.