Pull tabs pull tabs pull tabs


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Viewed from a different angle ...
Lots of pull tabs = lots of people been there
few pull tabs = not a lot of traffic
You start digging lots of pull tabs there's a better chance of finding something good
a very good chance the spot is virgin
maybe semi virgin anyway

Moral to the story ...
pull tabs are a precursor to wealth


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I don't get it either. I never pull the tab from the can but I guess other people do. If you're digging them you are on the right track. got to get ready to dig 2 to 300 before finding something nice.
Firing squad sounds a bit extreme. Make them pay I say. Maybe removing a finger or two? Ticks me off to go out in our great outdoors and see all the litter. On our ATV clubs annual Poker Ride we give $50 to the rider who brings in the most trash at the end of the run. I always have a garbage bag or 2 in my truck or ATV. Too bad we have to pick up after others but it seems like its getting worse every year. :frown:

Jason in Enid

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Make the offenders remove all coins, cash and jewelry and throw it out across the ground. If they don't any REAL jewelry to throw, then they loose a finger.

They might as well throw our payment for collecting thier trash.
I feel for ya

Went to the park today trying to learn on my new E-Trac and pulled 15 pulltabs and bottle caps they just sound so good I cant help my self from digging them up my keepers was 2 pennies 1 kids toy ring and a key ring. Keep on swinging :icon_cool
Pull tabs are more than just trash

The Ronald McDonald House, and I think a couple of other charities, collect these little buggers. They store them, then sell them for their recycle value. (I suppose that accounts for the picture of the guy dumping that huge barrel of them.) Anyway, suppose we MD'ers send in all our pull tabs when we get a good amount and see what happens. Check out this link to see what I'm talking about. http://rmhc.org/how-you-can-help/pop-tab-collections/
What I find strange is I went to a popular softball field downtown....Im sure it has been hit many many times by detectorists. I found many old pull tabs, and very little clad, mostly pennies. You would think the old pull tabs would have been dug! Has someone figured out how to eliminate digging them???? Personaly I have dug gold rings that have read as low as 8 (foil) and as high as 55 (zinc penny range). pull tabs, bear caps, and pennies SUCK! perhaps the people hunting that area are surface hunting and just ignoring targets deeper than 2". I know thats what I do in the new park I hit after movie night.