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Just got a spectrum XLT from a goodwill for 10 bucks.It is in the case and looks like its never been used,little if any.I have an ace 250 and love it.The recharable battery pack is iffy and the regular battery pack is corroded,but I can clean it up just fine.My question is,should I sell it or learn to use it.I would like to upgrade from the 250.I figure that I could sell with accesories and take the money to invest in a newer machine,or keep it,learn it and possibile upgrade at a latter time.Only had it one day and would like to here your opinons.

Ray ECenFL

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Learn to use it. The XLT is a very versatile machine. You can start off using the factory programs to get used to it. You can also program in your own custom programs. Many available on the web.

Try it, you will like it.

You got a great deal on the price. Used XLT detectors go for 400 to 500 dollars. Great buy.



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I would keep the XLT and learn to use it. Its a killer machine and you got an unheard of super good price.


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Keep the XLT..awesome machine it is for got a great Ray said, try the pre set programs...there are also plenty of programs you can use later on when you get used to it....Chuck......:)
I love my XLT.. I have found loads of coin,and kilos of GOLD... its 7 yrs old,and still does circles around the competition. Take care my friend,(,Just another concerned XLT owner)


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that machine kicks butt, if it wasn't so heavy it would be my main dirt machine.. I loved it but couldnt handle the weight.. keep it says the little voice in your head.