Meteorites in North Carolina

Has anyone ever heard of meteorites being found around Kings Mountain NC, a friend of my dad gave him a nice chunk and said it came from this area.Any and all replys are appreciated


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LOL! I keep hearing folks say Cal, Az, New Mexico. That's the best places to find Em.

Horse Pucky!

They fall were they fall.

God doesn't care were the Rock fall.

As the Earth is spinning about 1000 mph from East to West, you Will find more on the West side of Mountains and hills.

They Fall were they Fall.

Did you know with a good Micro Scope, you can take some of the dust off your Roof and ID Micrometeorites?

Yep they fall there too.

There just a bit easier to see and find in the Desert areas.

One of the Best areas to search for them is in the Arctic and AntArctic.

They show up like a sore thumb on the ice.