I took my buddy out...

This was our second "score" dumpster diving. The first time was when we were picking up his huge gun safe from in the back of CostCo. We noticed a very very nice patio chair/lounger set in the dumpster. After the CostCo guys loaded the safe we asked them can we take the stuff in the dumpster. They said cant tell you yes and cant tell you no. Well we took it (there was a very minor crack in one of the legs). Very shortly after they did not keep their dumpster outside any more, probably cause one of the workers had set that "trash" for themselves. oh well ...


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the last time i had to do some dumpster stuff was here at work..my boss said it was ok for my daughter to throw a chest og drawers in the dumpster if she broke it up first...all she did was take the drawers out....i was not impressed and told me to break it up before i went home....i grabbed the backhoe and pulled up in front of it and wham! done! one slam with that bucket and it was all splinters! (im a firm believer in working smarter, not harder)

cyndy j

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check the back of the pin with the lantern on it..i seem to recall a vintage piece of costume that looks a great deal like that...see if there is a designer or manufacterer name or initials...could be worth some coin if identifiable