Got a few finds diggin


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Couple od copper items (cig case and another case). Wilberts wax in a small green glass jar 1-1/2 inches tall by 3 in I guess. Couple of milks, one of those Moroline 8 sided jobs, few meds. Theres just so many thousands of bottles it takes forever to locate a keeper!.


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Congrats on the great finds. I'm sure there will be that one find that makes the entire search worth it. Just think how much history there is in that 1 location.


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More copper/aluminum, bottles, nice cobalts. Got some magnesias and bromos in different sizes. Saw one that looked like it was the JUMBO economy bromo of the era. Unfortunately it had a fifty cent sized hole in it. Got a few local milks from the 30s and 20s. Got some small bowls that survived and cleaned up well. A great amount of silver plate silverware for scrap metal too. Some old cork slicks. A nice amber ink cone shaped, a brown Pharmacists sample so marked (interested in that one).

No jewelry or toys today. Though I did recover 2 sets of eyeglasses of the circle type lenses (I call them John lennon goggles). Got another larger vicks cone shaped bottle (nose drops). This and the smaller one are the first Ive ever seen of those. Hope to get back into digging it again tomorrow before Tues rain.