Garage Sale: New Wife Hit the JACKPOT!

She was looking at Ty Beanie Babies while I was looking at the electronics junk. She got a new, with tags and tag protector, PRINCESS DIANA BEANIE BABY 1997 RARE:

FOR A BUCK! My Buck that is...

Now I know it is only worth what people will pay, not what they are asking, but it sure is worth a lot more than the $10 I thought it might be worth!

I told her she has to buy me a new Teknetics Delta 4000! No, just kidding, but seriously looking at one.

Any better detectors for $300?


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good score! my wife has a boat load of Beanie Babys, she says some are worth alot of money but she is never gonna sell them. I told her if she is never gonna sell them then they aren't worth crap. :lol: I'm about as smooth as 36 grit sandpaper.
Oh someone has to go and jack things up...It seems there is an argument over fakes...well, not fakes, but if it is the first edition...

Looks like we're gonna need the "Mystery Machine" to solve this one!

I'm having a hard enough time figuring out what detector to get for about $300...

I'm with Howdy on this one!


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As a personal treasure it may be priceless to your wife. But the same Beanie Baby is also listed for $60,000. Attached is a few of the completed listings sale prices. Red means no sale.