Eaaaaa! There Out There!


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That thing did not weigh as much as they said to me although it is one hell of a find but I dont think it weighed that much cus if it did it would have cut right through that lady's leg and at 200lbs. it would have taken more than on person to lift it out....Just an observation....I am usually wrong anyway....

But this makes me wonder if I had thrown a meteorite away....
I have found some unusual pieces of metal do only be told that it was lead slag in the most weirdest of places and never thought anything else so I threw them away...:icon_conf
well you coouuullld fine one any where .. but the better places would be where or close to one was recorded in landing ... sence they have a lot of iron in them you can get a good hit from any MD ... but remember if you do find one or even think you found one .. record it .. get pics, GPS and date ... scientific or just to sell it it will be worth more if you have thoes records

heres a good guide and some tests to see if you have something posible or not


be safe


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HF do you go out hunting em?
Looking for Nuggets, I make note of any and all hot rocks!

I did find a itty bitty fella about 5 years ago.

You just never know.:alcoholic
If you ever find a Dimpled, ugly Iron type stone, note exact location, and have it checked if you don't know how to check them your self.:lol: