digging bottles in a old dump near a corn field !!!!!!!!!

Hi this is Matthew

check out this old dump that I found near a corn field !!!!!!!!!

I just started digging the old dump today and found a few bottles not all of them are old but the more I dig in that area the chances are high that I might find something old or rare

The dump is near Kennedy N.Y.

and here is a few photos I took while I was digging



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cool stuff! what is the white stuff in the bottle? looks like salt or sugar.

I don't think I would be using that to flavor my fruit and cereal:biggrin:

Congrats on the great bottle finds. I love old bottles and jars but the only one I find areound here are broken. People used to dump trash along the old ditches and gravel roads.


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Looks promising. Nice pics too. I hope you find some good ones. When I was a kid in England I was always digging in places like that. :)