Confession to make....

In my dusty closet I have an old Radio Shack Discovery 1000 with the standard coil. I got it as a gift several years ago. I didn't think much of this detector and rarely used it before...I just assumed it was a toy....until that is, I found that all of the Bounty Hunter coils will work with this model. Does anybody know how to get a copy of the user manual? Would the 10 inch magnum coil make this a good relic hunter?
discovery 1000

hey there Dave. the discovery you have is the same as the tracker IV . it is identical, and per bounty hunter it is the same , only the decals and faceplate were made for radio shack. Metal detecting and metal detectors for treasure hunting by Bounty Hunter has the manual for your detector. i have one and its great. and yes all the bounty hunter coils will work on it. however, even with the 10 inch coil on it , it won't go as deep as the landstar or higher units, but it will get you deeper. hh Tim
Hello davidrrt1

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