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I look forward to reading this story every year. It has become a tradition for some of us and I still love it. I just read it for 2016 and will be looking for it in 2017. Thank you Greg for putting it up each year.
I hope you don't mind but I would like to share a little story. Some of you know part of it but I will tell you the rest and this story helped formulate this idea.
As some of you know we lost our 2 year old grandson to brain cancer three years ago. He had a great Christmas day at our house that year. This was after many surgeries and spending over a couple months in the children's hospital. He was so happy that day and he had every reason to not to be, pain being the major one. 14 days later he passed on. I have pictures of that day that are precious to us.
Now the part that is no known to anyone yet. After reading this story again I started thinking about helping others a little more than I do. I asked my wife if we could write a check for a couple hundred dollars and put it in an envelope each year at Christmas and put it under the tree and write Rileys Gift on it. Then after Christmas 14 days, we will take this to a Charity like Salvation Army and give them Riley's gift from Riley. This keeps the spirit of Christmas and the memory of Riley at Christmas in our hearts.
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Wow, another year has passed and I read this story again. It is such a nice tradition for me. As I stated in above post we have Riley's gift ready to help someone with.
Sad news today. Our friends lost their son to Leukemia today. He was only 3. He has fought hard for a year and now his battle is over. Such tragedy at this time of year for the family. They have nothing and do the best they can to keep what they have. I have taken firewood to them on a few occasions so they could at least keep warm in their house. My grandson's name is Gabriel and the boy that just passed was also named Gabriel. My Gabe and family got to say their goodbyes last night hard as it was on them after losing Riley a few years ago at this time.
Again I say thank you Gregory for this story each year. It mean something to me.


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It does to me as well Digs, the real meaning of Christmas giving and brotherly love.
I’m sorry about your losses buddy. So sad when our young ones are sick.


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Stories such as this are so very sad, especially when they involve a child. The media and the local news here have done two stories on the loss of two local children from illness, one unfortunately being from our town. So terribly heart retching to say the very least. As a retired firefighter, any firefighter still working or retired will tell you that the worst type of incident or call is one that involves an innocent child. As Christian believers, it is still hard at times such as this to understand God's work. Why would this be allowed to happen? As believers we are left with the understanding that God has a plan greater than our own, and that when things so horrible such as the loss of a child happens, we know that this child is now forever in a perfect healthy body in a perfect place such as heaven.....forever, an Angel. God Bless you Dave and Mrs. Dig's in the loss of you grandson, Gabe and to all others who have suffered such loss and who are now going through with illness in Children's Hospitals around the world. May the Good Lord give you strength and Peace throughout the Christmas Season and throughout the oncoming New Year.