Bounty Hunter Red Baron RB- 7


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These Bounty Hunter are old ones starting in 1979 i have here in pictures the first models from the Red Baron on



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Batteries for BHRB

Yep that is right mate 16 AA batteries, makes it a bit heavy to handle but thats how they came out in thoes days. :frown:

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Detectors have come an awfully long way from the old anolog machines of the 70's. You'll still find stuff with that old battery eater but it is a bit of a trial. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, reminds me of my first detector from back in the 70's. :cool:



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your Welcome mate my old BH is not working at the moment don't know what is wrong with it had a bit of trouble with the needle on the meter it was reading to the right side and staying there, i though i had a short some were but that fixed its self and now no audio. :banghead:

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Guys, I have a brand new BH Red Baron RB12D. My buddy bought it brand new years ago to find an expensive ring his wife lost. Once they found it he put it in his gun safe until he died an left it to me a few months back




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Good on u Toolman and congrads on BH not much difference i have the RB7 BH. Mine has pack it in :cussing: so i am saveing for a up grade. :bthumb:

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That is good i did not know that they had harved the battery pac so early in the piece, that would make the BH much lighter, than the RB7 which takes 16AA. :icon_tong

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RB-7 manual

Hi there in downunder, How you´re doingß hope everythings just fine in downunder. Well I´d like to ask you if you maxy could send me a manual of the rb7. I used to buy one back in the 80`s when I was living in Sydney. Unfortunatly did the manual get lost but still got the RB7 and its still working.
It would be very kind of you if you could send me that to Austria. My Email is Thanks a lot mare for you support. cheers - Oskar:wave:
Hey that was my frist the red baron still got it had alot of fun with it still work I got but up for old time like to look at it time to time my hunting buddy found his old white 5000 coin master and he use it from time to time we have alot of fun out it
Hello everyone.

Back in 79 or so my parents bought a D-tex Coinshooter II (I think that was the name) to go to where they grew up. It was stolen around 1988...

I just bought a Red Baron from ebay that I hope works. It was sold by a woman with no battery holder and no battery door. I went to RS yesterday and bought new 9V clips and two 8 AA battery packs.

I am hoping this thing works. If it does then I have it almost back to original. All it needs is the battery cover. If anyone knows where to get one I would appreciate it. I hope someone took it apart to repair a broken wire or something and it just never got put back together. $50 I gambled!

It appears to be in good shape. A few scratches and scuffs but nothing major. I know it is not up with the $1000 rigs but I believe it is a good starter even though is it is an old one.

I am getting married Monday so my budget is a bit limited with the ring,dress and you get the idea...

Anyway, hello...I'll be posting my finds if they're worth posting. I know some very good places around here (15 miles east of Joplin MO).

Yes, we all made it through the tornado...but many did not...


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Welcome and hello to you!

Hey yankee495, this is an older post, but good to see you on here.
Nothing wrong with having an older machine, I sometimes out detect some of the "New" ones!!!
Waving from Connecticut!!!:wavey::wavey::wavey:
Glad you survived the Tornado!!!
Prayers have been said for all the folks in that area!!!