Blue Aura

hey there okie, i was wondering what kind of camera, and what type of lense you were using, and what time of day, and if you know what the temperature was?:confused:
threeDdetector....Camera a fujifilm digital camera 12.2 mega pixel , just out the store ,no extra lense added.this was at 2:30 pm . when i take a few picture i open them up with paint i like the zoom it has and see what i got ,i got one on the lake today about 4:00pm did'nt know i had any, tell i zoom in on the picture.
Blue auora

OKEEE,Okie, How does that work? do you plug it in your laptop or what?
I bought the book but according to the author, yer suppose to use a
infrared lens and I thought a cannon 350 or 400 RebelTi, Or I think he used an Olympia to start with. I'm really interested in finding something that will actually work.