A little hike from about 5 yrs ago


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Horseshoe bluff in mines of spain area. It's a stand alone hill that was quarried from one end.
The date code is way off. So here we go
thats the Mississippi side
That's the old quarry side, used to be a great shooting range but they did some good things with it now.
The narrow section of trail between. was time for lunch



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Hard to see but the whole area is pot holed by natives (Sauk & Meskwaki) and the French they let in for lead mining
. They held off the Americans till the Blackhawk war so these could be from the lead rush after the war. Some places there 15-20 ft deep and you have to walk the rims there so close together

DBQ Dave

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I walked into some woods around there like 25 years ago. It was the only time I ever went there. I think I saw an old building foundation of some sort. I'm not sure if you can detect there. Hmmmm. Real nice pics. I just can't "billy goat" them hills like I once could....