6x8 SEF Butterfly coil report


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I just wanted to give my fellow MXT swingers a quick report on the new 6x8 SEF Butterfly coil I just purchased. It's early, but I'm very impressed so far. I made two quick hunts in the same spot that I have pounded with the Super 12, Eclipse 5.3 and a Tejon with stock coil. The first hunt yielded an Eagle "I" button standing on edge next to a large iron nail. On my second outing I scored a 1854 seated liberty dime. I dug multiple bits of brass and lead, but those were the two best. I could not believe how many targets were left in such a small area. Looks like I have a lot more area to re-hunt. I would say it has excellent depth and target seperation. I'll keep you posted.
Let us know more about your coil, I am thinking about getting one
I have the 10x12 I have used it for some time now and like it as well,
but would like to get the 8 inch, they pen point well, and by putting the coil on end in the relick mode sw forward it is easy to till bottel caps
by centering the v portion of the coil, you get a grunt sound or low pitch sound. good luck and let us know how you do.


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MXThunter, where are you from and what type of hunting do you primarily do? I'm from Covington, Georgia and I am basically a relic hunter. I recently purchased a MXT Pro and have been very impressed with it and it's depth capabilities thus far. I have the eclipse 950 coil but I'm looking at maybe getting a 2nd coil for it down the road. How do you like the MXT?